Date : 28-Nov-2009

Nov. 28, 2009, IPF Conference Hall
Chief Guest: Prof. D K Bhattacharya, Delhi University
Speaker: Dr. Premendra Priyadarshi, Independent Researcher Author

 Human curiosity knows no limits and from its very inception, it has grappled with the problem of the beginning of human life on the earth. Right from Charles Darwin till the present day, human evolution has remained a lively subject of discussion and debate. The prevalent theory of traces of the origin of man first found on the soil of Africa has been contested by Dr. P. Priyadarshi in the light of his new research and findings and, with his evidence, he firmly tried to establish that the cradle of human civilization has descended from the land of India. It is our firm belief here in the Foundation that inquisitiveness is key to success as well as solution to problems. With this conviction we keenly explored the possibility of emergence of human being from India with the help of his fascinating research findings.
The IPF hosted a presentation titled ‘Origin of Man from India’ by Dr. P Priyadarshi who challenged the current theory that the journey of man began from Africa on the basis of his recent research. Dr. Priyadarshi has authored two books – ‘India’s Contribution to the West’ and ‘Zero Is Not the Only Story’. According to Dr. Priyadarshi’s research, which incorporates latest genetic studies, it is India that is the cradle of civilisation. This new idea presented by Dr. Priyadarshi generated a lot of curiocity from the audience of about 50 students, social scientists and journalists, among others. Prof. DK Bhattacharya mentioned in his brief but extremely engrossing speech that though anthropologists would demand anthropological evidences like skulls before they veered round to such a new theory, he complimented Dr. Priyadarshi for his innovative ideas and welcomed more discussion among academicians and experts on this issue.