Date : 10-Mar-2010
March 10, 2010, IPF Seminar Hall
The media truly mirrors the social and political reality of the country from which they are reporting. It was quite informative and enlightening to have had an interactive session with the reputed editor of a well-known foreign newspaper - Sayed Faisal Ali, editor of Arab News. Articulating his views on the contemporary Arab society, he fielded many important questions, providing us new insights of which most of us were not aware.
Sayed Faisal Ali discussed contemporary issues with thinkers, researchers, social workers and volunteers of the Foundation. He emphasized that India must try to establish close relationship with Saudi Arabia as it would be mutually beneficial for both. But he disagreed with the then Foreign Minister Shashi Tharoor that Saudi Arabia should mediate between India and Pakistan. He also criticized Islamic religious leaders for Islamic jihad and burkha. He refused to accept people like MF Hussain, Taslima Nasreen and Ahmed Bukhari as true followers of Islam, based on his assessment of their activities. He supported an Islamic Bank in India on the lines of the US, Japan and China.
The Panel Members of the programme were- Smt. Atika Ahmad Faruki, Journalist, Shri Sushil Pandit, Social Activist, Shri Manmohan Sharma, Senior Journalist, Prof. Amarjeev Lochan, Delhi University, Prof. Deoraj, Delhi University, Shri Ashutosh Bhatnagar, Senior Journalist, Shri Prabal Mahto, Journalist & Documentary Maker, Shri Awdhesh Mishra, Journalist,Sahara Samay, Shri Asdar Ali, Journalist Sahara Samay, Shri Tasir Kazami, Film & Television, Shri Devendra Punia, Social Activist