Date : 21-Aug-2010

 August 21, 2010, IPF Seminar Hall
 Chaired by: Shri Gopal Agarwal, Economist & Thinker
Speakers: Prof. Jaganath Ambagudia, Delhi University
Shri Milind Thatte, Eminent Forest Rights Activist
The human society is inextricably linked with its natural surroundings. Moreover, nature plays an extraordinarily significant role in sustaining the life of the poor and marginalized people. In this context, forest and land occupy a crucial and critical position not only in sustaining the lives but also the planet of our dwelling. Here the moot question is how to sustain both land and forest so that the present generation could happily bequeath them in good health to the succeeding generation. There is an urgent need to evolve a long-lasting solution to deforestation and the degradation of land and also to readily conceive a model for the harmonious relationship between man and nature. The challenge before all of us is to sustain the cosmic unity between man and nature. India Policy Foundation organized the seminar on forest, people and land to delve deep into this complex relationship.
Sh. Milind Thatte was of the opinion that not making tribals aware of their rights is like strangulating democracy. Prof. Jagannath Ambagudia told the gathering that land acquisition is not only a commercial activity but it strikes at man’s emotional attachment with the land and no compensation will help. The social and cultural aspects of the tribals must be weighed before land is acquired. More than 70 people were present on the occasion. A documentary film by Sh. Prabal Mahto, ‘Aranya Rodan’, was also screened.