Date : 10-Jan-2011

Jan. 10, 2011, IPF Seminar Hall
Chief Guest: Shri Milind Oak, Social Activist
Chaired By: Prof. Rajvir Sharma, DU
Speaker: Shri Uday Sinha, Managing Editor, Channel One
Quality content should be the primary concern for any blogger and they should strive for it, if they want to take this medium to a new height. Milind Oak mentioned in his speech the importance of the global impact of the New Media and added that New Media would mark out its own legitimacy in the years to come. Prof Rajvir Sharma came up with important remarks over the trends and ethics in the New Media. He also expressed his concerns over the growing trend of blasphemy and degradation of journalistic values among bloggers in their attempt to gain popularity.

Gopal Agarwal said that considering the growing importance of New Media, the task ahead is to maintain a monitoring body which certifies quality content. He also explored the social, economic and political aspects of the emerging media. Kashyap presented a model on economic assistance to New Media and suggested some means to make the New Media economically viable, especially for Hindi bloggers and portals. He said, “We should try to enable ourselves for the maximum use of Hindi interface. It will force Google and other such giants in the New Media to enlist our sites as Hindi netizens.” Umesh Chaturvedi questioned the role that Google plays in terms of monetary assistance to websites. Jayram Viplav expressed concern over lack of an economic model that is desperately needed for the New Media and stressed the need for a reliable Blog Rating Point (BRP) model to judge the quality of a blog. The session concluded with on a unanimous agreement that a regulatory body should be set up.