Date : 03-Jan-2011
Jan 3, 2011, IPF Seminar Hall
Ram Bahadur Rai was of the opinion that media is changing from print to radio to TV to now the Internet. The tragic death of Princess Diana was first flashed on the Internet. The Net has rapidly become the preferred medium in Europe and America to obtain news. TV and radio are still surviving but New Media has carved a niche for itself and its potential is unlimited. This is a new kind of journalism which is different from conventional journalism.
 This medium has also led to democratization of journalism. But he made it clear that this medium is also caught up with the money-making syndrome. Gyanendra Pandey said that whenever any new thing comes in, it brings problems along with it. There is a kind of authoritarianism being witnessed in the medium. It is a big challenge to combat this menace of authoritarianism. He said that the New Media would have to grow with self-regulation. We should not do anything that may force the government to regulate the New Media.
Prof. Rakesh Sinha, IPF moderated the session, presented his concerns before the panel and thanked the members for giving a new direction in thought process of the new media.

Chief Guest: Sh. Ram Bahadur Rai, Senior Journalist,
The Panel Members of the programme were- Sh. Uday Sinha, Senior Journalist, Sh. Ashutosh, Free-lance journalist, Sh. Gyanendra Pandey, Senior Journalist, Sh. Onkareshwar Pandey, Senior Journalist, Sh. Milind Oak, New Media Expert, Sh. Umesh Chaturvedi, Senior Columnist, Sh. Gopal Agarwal, Economist Thinker, Sh. D.N. Srivastava, RTI Activist, Sh. Sanjay Tiwari,, Sh. Neeraj Bhushan,, Sh. Jairam Viplav, Editor,, Sh. Amitabh Bhushan,, Ms. Kanupriya,, Ms. Deepali Pandey, Deputy Editor,, Sh. Kanishka Kashyap, Editor,