Date : 07-May-2011

May 7, 2011, IPF Conference Hall
Release by: Prof Rajvir Sharma, Delhi University
Chaired by: Sh. Manmohan Sharma, Senior Journalist
Guest of Honour: Sh. Gopal Agarwal, Economist and Thinker
The monograph, ‘Chinese Adventurism on Indian Borders’, authored by Prof Satish Kumar, is the second publication by the IPF under the series of India-China relations. It focuses on China’s intrusions and oft-repeated claims on Indian Territory. Prof Kumar elaborated various dimensions of his research.
Releasing the book, Prof Rajvir Sharma said that China had been trying to attack not only India’s political and territorial sovereignty but also its economy too. He stressed the need to have self-introspection on our policy towards China which is posing a bigger threat than any other country. Manmohan Sharma narrated his first-hand experiences of India-China relations during the late 1950′s and 60′s. He wondered that the resolution unanimously passed by the Indian Parliament to take back every inch of the land illegally captured by China in 1950s and 60s was thrown into the dustbin by the political leadership. Gopal Agarwal stated that China was trying to demoralise the neighbours and wanted to fill the gap created by the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
Over 40 scholars, researchers and journalists were present at the function, including Anil Pandey from Sunday Indian and Prof Rakesh Sinha, Hon Director, IPF. Satish Pednekar, senior fellow at the Foundation, anchored the function.