Date : 25-Jun-2011

June 25, 2011, Deendayal Research Institute, New Delhi
Book Release by: Dr Ramji Singh, Famous Gandhian Thinker, Former MP. Shri Baldeo Bhai Sharma, Editor Panchajanya, Prof JS Rajput, Former Director, NCERT
The IPF document, Loktantra Par Prahar: Nagrik Adhikaro Ka Hanan (Attack on Democracy: Violation of Citizens’ Rights) deals with the undemocratic and repressive methods of the government at the Centre. A large number of academicians, researchers, journalists and students were present at the function organised to release the book. On the occasion, IPF’s Hon Director, Prof Rakesh Sinha, said that it was essential to highlight the atrocities committed by the democratically elected government on the citizens in the night of June 4, 2011 at the Ramlila Ground in Delhi.
He said, “There is a difference between the totalitarianism of the 1970s and the current situation created by the present regime. If the dictatorship of Mrs Gandhi was a by-product of her personal ambition to remain in power, now the influence of capital dominates the political system and the present dictatorship is a dictatorship of the capital. They are trying to destroy both nationalist movements and egalitarian forces. The media too has come under the influence of the capital.
Releasing the book, Dr Ramji Singh recalled the JP movement and the contributions of JP, Vinoba Bhave, Mahadevi Verma and others in democratic movements. He said that the growing inequality is one of the main reasons for the mounting violence. He wanted Right to Work as a Fundamental Right. He said once that was done, Naxalism would vanish. Dr Singh cautioned that the present political and economic system was bound to produce dictators. “The party system has been losing its relevance,” he added.

Baldeo Bhai Sharma said that this was a time for self-introspection for all. Thousands of people sacrificed their lives and fought against the totalitarian regime of Indira Gandhi and finally she was thrown out of power. But the greed for power led to the disintegration of the Janata Party government in merely two and a half years. After 35 years we are facing emergency-like situation again in the country. We must diagnose the reasons for the re-consolidation of anti-democratic forces. He said that people’s consciousness is a precondition for a vibrant democracy. Prof JS Rajput cautioned that the present regime is creating emergency-like situation in the country and the incident of June 4 showed that the government could go to any extent to suppress democratic movements in the country.