Date : 10-Nov-2012

November 10, 2012, IIC, New Delhi
Released by: Shri Prakash Singh, Former DGP Uttar Pradesh and Assam
Guest of Honour: Prof. Kapil Kapoor, Noted Thinker, Former Pro-vice chancellor, JNU
The intervention paper “Assam: Bending Over Backwards (Trespassing Causes Demographic Damage)” compiled and edited by IPF research team deals with the threat of planned change in demography of Assam. Persisting tension between locals and outsiders which broke out in form of riots between Bodos and Muslims in Kokrajhar and adjacent areas in 2012 is the latest example of the graveness of the situation. The government is still hesitant of coming out with any curative measure due to the fear of losing political ground. Moreover, the cutoff date for cross border population after which entry would result in deportation remains a highly controversial issue.

IPF research team with great efforts displayed the pattern of recent demographic changes across the state and busted the proposition that the changes are negligible or ‘natural’.

Prof. Kapil Kapoor highlighted the strategic importance of the places where infiltrators are taking place. He said stern action is required to check infiltration as indigenous people are turning into minority due to these infiltrations.
Speaking on the occasion chief guest Shri Prakash Singh pointed out that infiltration in Assam is no longer confined or constrained, but has stretched itself beyond and started changing the demographic equations of neighboring states.
Dr. Saradindu Mukherji was more critical about the apathy of the political class on this issue. He alleged that in some cases, the local political class is facilitating infiltration and helping the trespassers to become Indian citizens in hope of creating vote-banks.