Date : 15-Dec-2012

December 15, 2012, Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi
Main Speaker: Shri Arif Mohammad Khan, Former Union Minister & Thinker
Chair: Prof. Kapil Kapoor, Noted Thinker and Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, JNU
Guest of Honour: Dr. Bajrang Lal Gupta, Eminent Thinker
Muslim Personal Law Board has twisted and maneuvered Quran and Sharia laws to make it suitable for its selfish motives of banishing Muslim women from their legitimate rights. The theory of religious non-permissibility in case of Shah Bano is all counterfeit and aired by the Law Board to draw immunity for their unlawful stand in the matter. This is the opinion of Sh. Arif Mohammad Khan, Former Union Minister and the central figure of the much known Shah Bano case.

Shri Khan was one of the key factors of the high level episode which shot into being a copybook example of the nexus among modern state, patriarchy and religious institutions. He was speaking on the occasion of release of IPF research document “Judiciary, Gender and Uniform Civil Code” prepared by its research team under the publication series ‘National Agenda’. The research paper offers a comprehensive documentation of all issues, facts and facets related to the Uniform Civil Code. Speaking on the occasion Shri Khan specifically explained how Shah Bano case, which stirred the controversy, had nothing to do with civil law and was actually a case of criminal law under Section 125 of the CrPC.
IPF Chairperson Prof. Kapil Kapoor said it was not only unfair for the Muslim women to be categorized from the rest of the women of the country but also unfair to men of other communities as they were subjected to stringent laws while their Muslim counterparts are roaming free.

Noted thinker Dr. Bajrang Lal Gupta was of the opinion that the issue of Uniform Civil Code is not a matter of Hindu or Muslim women but of women as such. Shri Gopal Agarwal, Treasurer of IPF gave vote of thanks.