Date : 29-Dec-2012
Chaired by: Shri R N P Singh, Noted Thinker and Author
December 29, 2019, IPF Seminar Hall, New Delhi
A discussion was organised on realizing the potential threat of a ‘Rising China’ in Indian Ocean region which is strategically crucial to India, IPF organized a brainstorming session in the presence of top retired officers from Indian army, intelligence agencies and experts. It also included a well researched power point presentation on “Chinese Navy in Indian Ocean and Strategic Implications for India”.
Highlighting the growing activities by the Chinese Navy in India’s backyard, Shri Sharma in his presentation said, at present, India’s biggest strategic challenge is China in view of China’s aggressive & nefarious designs in the entire Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Citing the String of Pearls’ (SOP) proposition of China’s well calculated and meticulously crafted encirclement cum containment of India, he suggested various ways by which India can respond. Various counter-China strategic measures were discussed and a documentary on Indian Navy was also shown in the meeting.

Shri R.N.P. Singh questioned, “What is China’s intention behind not resolving the protracted issue of border dispute?’ Several others ex defense officials took part in the discussion along with students and journalists.