Date : 17-Feb-2012
Feb 17, 2012, Constitution Club, New Delhi
Chief Guest: Sh. Dattatreya Hosabale, Sah Sarkaryavah, RSS
Guest of Honour: Sh. Ashutosh, Managing Editor, IBN7
Keynote Address: Sh. R. Venkat Narayanan, Former Secretary Govt. of India
The India Policy Foundation is a research organisation dedicated to exploring constructive solutions to contemporary problems through its intellectual pursuits, a platform for eminent personalities of all walks of life to come together, discuss and debate, paving the way for a consensus on public policies in line with India’s rich philosophical content and intellectual legacies.
Ashutosh, Senior Journalist of IBN-7, Former Union Secretary R.Venkat Narayan and around 150 intellectuals attended the seminar. RSS Sah Sarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale said that an intellectual is neither a rightist nor a leftist. He stressed the need to ‘decolonization’ of our mindset. Shri Hosabale criticized city centric attitude of society. In recent times lakhs of farmers committed suicides, but nobody cared. These suicides remained as only a news items for us. What would have been our reaction, if one thousand businessmen or software engineers were committed suicide instead of farmers? He condemned the inhuman and insensitive attitude of society towards the farmers, who feed the society.
In his key note address, former Secretary to the Government of India R. Venkatanarayanan occasion accused India’s current intellectuals of duplicity. Anyone who talks about Hindu interests is not considered as the intellectual and anyone who is leftist automatically becomes intellectual.

Senior Journalist Ashutosh, in his speech said that we should look back to the history again. He regretted that the tradition of open discussion is over. He fiercely attacked the intellectual duplicity and that the country suffers from the English language mindset, which supports people like Vinayak Sen, who are anti-constitution, who speaks for violence and are anti-national. When Court punishes him, then those intellectuals speak against the court verdict. And when common man like Anna Hazare leads the country, those elements try to create confusion about him amongst the people.
He said the number of Indian intellectuals and Western philosophy quotes ‘Kant’ and not the ‘Sankhya Philosophy. This inferiority complex has been pushed back to India, said Ashutosh. IPF Director Dr. Rakesh Sinha said that Political parties have turned intellectuals’ into their ‘slaves’ and said that they’ve become part of the party bureaucracy.
The India Policy Foundation conducts seminars, brainstorming sessions, symposia, and comes out with research-based publications. The IPF seeks to understand the ethical-moral interplay of State-society relationship in shaping, re-shaping and consolidating the country’s nationhood in the face of internal and external exigencies associated with the task of nation-building. Nagpur based Bharati Web Pvt Ltd, which runs a news portal; is hosting the new website for the India Policy Foundation.