Date : 20-Dec-2013
December 20, 2013, IPF Seminar Hall
Chair by: Prof. Rajvir Sharma, University of Delhi
Speakers: Dr. D. D. Pattanaik, Senior Fellow, ICSSR
Prof. Sheila Rai, Dept of Political Science, University of Rajasthan
Both Savarkar and Gandhi were formative forces behind the idea of Hindutva and have huge original contribution. They share some similarities with each other while having important differences. Two experts, Dr. D. D Pattanaik and Prof. Sheila Rai graced the occasion with their
informative and analytical speeches.

Dr. Pattanik in his speech on Savarkar gave a chronological description of the evolution of the term 'Hindutva' along with its definition configured by Savarkar. He said, Hindutva refers to certain recognition of India as one’s own sacred land (punyabhu) which all its dwellers will abide by.
Prof. Sheila Rai in her speech aptly brought out the Hindu soul of Gandhi which is core to Gandhian ideology. She said, Nobody can come close to Gandhi as far as practicing Hindutva
and creating a logical, ideological and critical base for Hindutva is concerned.

The audience which was consisted of journalists, ex servicemen, social workers and students took part in the discussion very enthusiastically. Summing up the discussion, Prof. Rajvir Sharma, who was chairing the session, said both Savarkar and Gandhi, are colorful figures of history and have their own share of controversies.