Date : 07-Feb-2014
February 7, 2014, IMS, Indore
The research panel discussion, ‘Think Tanks in India: Public Policy and Challenges’ jointly organised by Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Indore; India Policy Foundation (IPF) and India Centre for Public Policy (ICPP) , Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), Greater Noida at IMS on 7th February 2014. The main thrust of panel discussion was how to build up networks of different policy makers and policies in the country. The panel discussion was jointly addressed by Prof. A A Abbassi and Prof Kapil Kapoor, scholars of great repute.
The session was chaired by Prof P N Mishra, Director and Professor of IMS. Dr Rahul Singh presented the broad research framework of Think Tanks in India. Prof. Mishra stressed the need of Indian contribution in imparting and disseminating knowledge through informal ways rather than blindly following formal structured western methods.
Think Tanks in India have vital role to play in coming years. The challenges thrown by society, politics and economy put onerous responsibility on academia and both inside and outside university campuses. It should also be saved from elements who are trying to dilute the nature of challenges and their solutions. Prof. Kapil Kapoor
The members of the panel recognise that policy making mechanism is complicated and does not involve villages and rural areas of the country while most of India’s population is living in the rural region. The dichotomy is never addressed in past and there must be some effort to create a mechanism for evidence-based policy making.
Prof A D N Bajpai, Vice Chancellor H P University, raised some important issues concerning national context, quality of research and man power in evolving the formation of Think Tanks.
Prof Abbassi mentioned few small initiatives which brought change in the society and argued on how they can create an impact in the overall policy framework.
Sh. Parmendra Singh Thakur underlined the critical importance of commitment, passion and purpose in making societal change and forcing the government to incorporate the change in the policy making as well. Dr. Rakesh Jain and Sh. V N Pachauri pleaded for scalability and influence to make policies much more effective. Dr. A K Singh, Dr. Rajiv Gupta, Dr. Kapil Sharma, and Dr. Vishnu N Mishra also participated and expressed their views on the similar lines. Dr. P N Mishra gave vote of thanks to all dignitaries and declared that the group will meet once every month to carry forward the agenda of Thinktanks and public policy issue.
The Panel Members of the programme were: Prof. Kapil Kapoor, Former Pro VC JNU and Chairman & IPF, Prof. A A Abbassi, Former VC & Devi Ahilya University, Indore, Prof. P N Mishra, Director and Professor, MS, Devi Ahilya University, Indore, Prof. A D N Bajpai, VC and General Secretary, H P University and AIU, Dr Anupam Jain, Director, Kund Kund Vidyapeeth, Dr Tapan Chaure, Professor and Head, SOE, Ujjain University, Dr P K Singh, Professor, IIM Indore, Dr Mona Tawar, Director, Pioneer Institute of Management, Ms Janak Palta, Member, Regional Social Development Board Malwa region, Sh Parmendra Singh Thakur, Scientist and Initiative Head, MY Hospital, Dr Rakesh Jain, NGO Association Head and Industrialist, Association, Sh V N Pachauri, I G of Police, MP Police, Dr A K Singh, Director, EMRC, DAVV, Dr Rajiv Gupta, Professor, IMS, Devi Ahilya University, Indore, Dr Kapil Sharma, Reader, IMS, Devi Ahilya University, Indore, Dr Vishnu N Mishra, Associate Professor, GSIMR, Indore.
Project Lead: Dr. Rahul Singh, Associate Professor, ICPP, BIMTECH