Date : 03-Jul-2014
July 3, 2014, IPF Seminar Hall
Mr Yahel Vilan, Minister, Deputy Chief of Mission, and Ms Liron Zaslansky, Couselor,
Political Affairs, Embassy of Israel to India visited India Policy Foundation Hon Director Prof. Rakesh Sinha for meeting on the possibilities of cooperation of IPF and Government of Israel on issues of common interest like Internal Security, Terrorism and Development issues in economy. IPF has welcomed the opportunity to work with Embassy of Israel in India and consented to develop areas of common interest for research and discussion.
The meeting of the two institutions was followed by a panel discussion on ‘India-Israel Relations
– Possibilities of Cooperation’, which was attended by scholars and journalists like Dr Ashwini
Mohapatra, Ms Sandhya Jain, Sh. Sri Dev Sharma, Sh Manmohan Sharma, and Dr Rahul Singh. The discussion was focused on the India – Israel relationship in past and opportunities of higher degree of cooperation in future. It also discussed the immediate global concern like Terrorism and the problems in Syria and Iraq. IPF hosted lunch in honour of the guests from the Government of Israel.