Date : 13-Feb-2016
February 13, 2016, Constitution Club, New Delhi
Chair: Prof. Avanijesh Awasthi, University of Delhi
Speakers: Shri. Ramji Singh, Eminent Gandhian Thinker & Former MP
Maj. Gen. (Dr.) GD Bakshi, Defence Expert
Moulana Syed Athar Hussain Dehlavi, Chairman, Anjuman Minhaj-e-Rasool (S)
Dr. Shankar Sharan, Thinker and Academician, NCERT
India Policy Foundation organised a seminar on February 13, 2016 on ‘Ideological Untouchability in Indian Democracy’ and release of two book ‘Big Lies’ and ‘Baudhik Samvad Ka Abhipray’ in which it was generally observed by the speakers that like any other social evil untouchability for a particular ideology has been a common practice in India for over a century. This was also an attempt by these people to avoid hard work by discrediting a particular ideological stream.
Speaking on the occasion thinker and academician Dr. Shankar Sharan said that ideological untouchability is as dangerous as any other social untouchability that we had been able to overcome through change in legislation. Mindset of the Left leaning people had been such that they were taking pride in keeping a particular ideology at a bay. The basic concept of Left ideology was that they were looking at thing in a divisive manner and to look at things in black and white but Indian concept has been welfare of all. This was not enough as just to propagate their ideas they did not hesitate to use abusive langue to people like Gandhi, Subhas Bose and A.B. Vajpayee.
Dr. Shankar Sharan said that influence of Left ideology has been so much so that they have overwhelmed Indian minds which is reflecting in social sciences, history books, debates and in journalism. He further said that they have always been causing conflict and division. Khwaja Ahmad Abbas wrote on many occasions that people used to laugh over Muslim League's demand of Pakistan but it was made a progressive demand and was glorified by the Left ideology as the result is before us. A report in this regard was prepared and propagated. The very mindset of the people of the country was made divisive by the Congress and the Left jointly. Another interesting thing that encourages Left inclined people to make other ideologies untouchables is that it permits them to do away from intellectual hard work which gradually turned this idealogy towards ideological authoritarianism.
Anjuman Minhaj-e-Rasool chairman Moulana Syed Athar Hussain Dehlvi said that dispute in the country started and took a bigger dimension in 1967-68 but dialogues never happened. The best example of a person advocating dialogue is Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad for his speech on August 22, 1947. He said that dialogue is our tradition and when it stops problem started. There is also a need to come out of ideological hypocrisy, there was a need to understand that the person demanding Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah was away from Islam and a devote Hindu Gandhi was fighting for the secular tradition.
Famous Gandhian Ramji Singh talked about western philosopher like Socrates. He also talked about Hegal who gave theory of thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis. India has an altogether different outlook where consensus matter. Western ideals and ideology is not for Indian environment.
But Major General (Ret.) Dr. G.D. Bakshi was little different from other speakers when he said that the ideology which considers others untouchable does not believe in the concept of Nation but for us nation is very important. My country is not negotiable and this is for all irrespective of people having different form of worship. People shouting slogan and having such ideology are wise enough to take the decision what suits them. But there are certain things that are non-negotiable that includes my nation.
India Policy Foundation director Prof. Rakesh Sinha said that Indian tradition has been to move ahead with dialogues and negotiations. Ideas can't remain static. But after the independence of the country, Marxists developed monopoly over ideas. Phrases and idioms took over the place of truth. Now, these people are running away from coexistence, dialogue and deliberations making the things this difficult.

The Programme was presided over by Prof. Awanijesh Awasthi who slammed ideological hypocrisy by left leaning people.