Democracy, Violence and the State

    Date : 21-Jan-2017
January 21, 2017, Constitution Club of India, New Delhi
Chief Guest: Shri Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Govt. of India
Speakers: Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha
Col. Diptangshu Chaudhary (Retd.), Political Activist
Chair: Sh. Ashok Malik, Senior Journalist and Thinker
India Policy Foundation on January 21, 2017 organised a seminar on Democracy, Violence and the State at Constitutional Club, New Delhi where victim of West Bengal communal riots also present on the occasion. Speakers on the occasion were of the view that the problem of West Bengal is not the problem of the Bengalies. It is the problem of the entire country. It was also outlined that due to certain internal weakness such kinds of problems are emerging in the country.
Speaking on the occasion Union minister of state for home affairs Sh. Kiren Rijiju said that situation is very sensitive and alarming. Where ever Left Front government ruled, democracy was erased from there be it Kerala, west Bengal and even Tripura. The problem is not only that the country is impacted from outside but inside as well as successive governments in the country encouraged such elements. People in the country want to make India an Islamic nation.
He said that weakness is inside ourselves that we need to overcome. The country will not allow this to happen and if this government remains design of such elements will be foiled. Misinformation about the country is propagates and if the country and Hindus are so intolerant why refugees from across the world are coming to India and India is giving them shelter.

Speaking on the occasion honorary director of IPF Prof. Rakesh Sinha said that when ideological politics takes a back seat politics of personality (cult) and politics of identity takes over and exactly this is what is happening in West Bengal. There was deterioration on ideological politics after 70-80, politics of cult and identity became important.
Prof. Rakesh Sinha said that Mamata Banerjee had been able to win election in West Bengal but she did not have any road map for the state and its people. She is adopting the policies of Hitlar and Musolini. The great Kolkata killing that was instigated by M A Jinnah and neither J L Nehru and M K Gandhi bothered to visit the victim and the West Bengal is facing similar environment where Hindus are threatened.
Lok Sabha MP from New Delhi Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi said that the as situation is described here it appears that West Bengal is not part of the country. But there is a need to understand that this part of Bengal is not Bangladesh. “We need to have a population policy as population of a particular community is increasing at a very fast rate which is impacting social fabric of the country including development,” said Lekhi.
Smt. Lekhi said that vote bank policy has made pork unethical, beef u=ethical and similarly Jallikattu unethical while beef ethical again. One more thing that needs to understand that counterfeit currencies are supplied from across the border and resultantly black money but a chief minister from the border state instead of supporting the government move of monetization that was intended to check all this was actually opposing it, which raises doubt over the intend of the CM. There is a systematic infiltration and the situation is that population of Hindus and declined from 38 per cent to 22 per cent and at present around 5 per cent. There is one more thing that needs to be understood that constitution was not made for jihadies and appeasement.
Col. Diptanshu Chaudhary said that things in the state are going out of hand. Delhi Darbar is not bothered beyond Mughal Sarai. Unofficially Muslim population in the state is somewhere 34 per cent while 2011 census tells it somewhere 27 per cent. There was 14 per cent increase in minority population in West Bengal. More than 4 crore Muslim infiltrators are living in India while official number is just 2 crore. Actually they are following the same tactics what they have been doing it since 1947. Islamisation of West Bengal has started that is reflecting in the text book.
Senior journalist Sh. Ashok Malik said that the number of Jihadi element crossing over to border is due to Bangladesh government acting tough on Jihadies but the same thing is not happening in India rather Jihadies in West Bengal are pampered. Ghulam Ali was not allowed by the Shiv Sena to perform but Mamata Banerjee government organised his programme on minority department’s expanses which is alarming. The good thing is that CPM is getting weaken and the BJP and RSS are gaining strength.