‘Bend in the River: Global Trends and Trump Checkmate.’

    Date : 11-Feb-2017

February 11, 2017, IPF Seminar Hall, New Delhi
Speakers: Prof Kapil Kapoor , Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, JNU
Sh. G Parthasarathi, Former High Commissioner to Pakistan
Sh. V K Malhotra, Member Secretary, ICSSR
Sh. Pramit Pal Chaudhuri, Editor (Foreign Desk), The Hindustan Times
Ms. Jyoti Malhotra, Senior Journalist
Dr. Rajiv Nayan, Senior Fellow, IDSA
Dr. Shakti Sinha, Director, NMML
Speaking on the occasion Shakti Sinha said that India was paying more attentions towards Trump and its moves but Trump was not at all interested in any Asian country except China as his interest only lies there. Moreover, Trump is not going to give any cushion to India in its policy rather India would have to cut out its share in these matters by its own by showing up credence.
Another speaker Dr. Rajiv Nayan, who is a fellow with IDSA, said that the way liberals reacted to the elections of Donald Trump appeared as crisis in global liberal order. It is a crisis in intellectual order, democracy and intellectualism. Trump is not only non-committal to anything but the fact of the matter is that he is looking for the interest of only US. So he was of the view that he was not going to defend the nuclear umbrella of its allies. Now they will have to take care of their interest their own. In such a situation India must need to revisit its nuclear doctrine of no-first use.
Senior journalist Jyoti Malhotra connected Donald Trump with domestic foreign policy of India. She was of the opinion that Indian foreign policy own to the fact that what their domestic interests are. She said, “I am talking about more fundamental values, reaching out across all political dispensation. He is a confrontationist politician. My point is that as an Indian you have to look at your values. India has to be in transaction with Trump.”
Another senior journalist Pramit Pal Chaudhuri said that former President Barack Obama was clear about approach whether speaking in public or in policy decisions. But after Islamic State was dealt in first attempt, second rising of Islamic State was a big challenge for the US. South China Sea is another challenge for China where China challenged its supremacy and the US failed.
He said that China is a country that cheats. It did not fulfil the obligation of the WTO on different issues what if it is the second largest economy in the world. Trump is not a strategic thinker but a businessman, people are being brought in for such issues in the administration but the real Trump policy will be clear only after a year or so.
ICSSR member-secretary V K Malhotra talked about reverse globalisation as Trump is talking about the Interest of people of the US. But he appears to be in hurry. The similar is the case with the UK both the countries are suffering from the phenomenon of impatience. So to answer this India needs to look inwardly and it could have at least answered for IT matters. Generic drugs could be the answer for India’s handicap in pharmaceuticals.
Former diplomat G Parthasarathi said that there is a myth about liberals in the US. These people were making friends with Zia ul Haq and they were dealing with Saudi Arabia. Dealing with republicans is easier than so-called liberals. Trump can say anything but IT is here for long. Actually our problem is US vice president and another official that joined Trump recently as they are more close to our western neighbours. We must focus more of the fact that what is our national interest but if we play our diplomacy cleverly with the US Congress, we can deal with Trump administration very well. There is a need to strengthen and that is the only solution to every problem that the country might face in the future. There is a need to increase defence expenditure at least to 2 per cent of the GDP which is at present 1.6 per cent of the GDP. This will give us strength.
Prof Kapil Kapoor said that it is really foolish to talk about others helping us. We will have to make ourselves strong and people will automatically come to us. Globalisation is a kind of imperialism; they are talking about reverse globalisation as the US is unable to afford policing in Asian region. It was not that British gave us freedom by violent and non-violent moves but British were unable to keep their army in India so they retreated. The US cannot solder the burden because they cannot afford to remain there. Now the question is of our survival. Moreover the China of the US is minus Tibet and Taiwan. In such a situation the world is passing through difficult time and threat of war looms large.
Speaking on the occasion honorary director of IPF Prof. Rakesh Sinha said that the US is working on the existing reality. Trump is addressing the crisis of the US. Manifestation of Trump tells fight between Islam and Christianity which is age old war. But the big question is if India will become part of it or emerge out of it? World is facing reverse globalisation and in such a situation where do we stand is a question to ponder about.