“Mahila Adhikar: Rudhiwad Ke Virudh Pratikar”

    Date : 29-Apr-2017
April 29, 2017, Dept. of Lifelong Learning, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur In order to have a broader perspective on the plight of female victims of triple talaq, recently India Policy Foundation (IPF) organized a Seminar, “MahilaAdhikar: Rudhiwad KeVirudh Pratikar,” in collaboration with Department of Lifelong Learning, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur and National Muslim Women Welfare Society on 29-04-17 in Jaipur.

In the seminar, IPF was represented by Dr. Geeta Bhatt, Associate Professor, Delhi University, Dr. Alok Sharma, Assistant Professor, Delhi University, Ms. Archana Dave, Advocate Supreme Court and Amber Zaidi, documentary film producer and social activist. Many distinguished people were present including the Director of Department of Lifelong Learning, Dr. SheelaRai, President of Muslim Welfare Society, an NGO, Mst. NishatHussain, the First Female Qazi of India, Mst. Jahanara and other prominent Muslim female activists. Most surprisingly, many female victims of triple talaq were present and shared their experiences and agonies with all.

All the speakers emphasized the importance of education for Muslim women so that they can raise their voice against oppression and heinous practices including triple talaq. Dr. SheelaRai empathetically stated that Hindu religion and Islam had many qualities which they could give even to West. The only requirement was to highlight those qualities and to reject the orthodox practices especially against women. Dr. Geeta Bhatt highlighted the historical position of women and the continuous development which has taken place with regard to women. She said that the rights had been conferred by the State on every person irrespective of religion, caste, and gender. Dr. Alok Sharma highlighted the prevailing discrimination against women irrespective of any religion. She stated that it was the patriarchy and not religion which was the main reason for discrimination against women.
Mst. NishatHussain emphasized on the education for Muslim girls and made Muslim women aware of their rights. Advocate Archana Dave observed that if women raised their voice against oppression then Parliament would enact some law, Government would implement it and judiciary would enforce it.Mst. Amber Zaidi said that Muslim women must get education to get rid of their problems.Mst. Jahanara who was herself a triple talaq victim contended that there was no mention oftriple talaq in one go in Quran and it was a wrong interpretation of Islam resulting in oppression of Muslim women. Other female social activists who themselves were the victims of triple talaq also expressed their views very strongly against the vices of triple talaq resulting in destruction of entire life of victim and her children.
In conclusion, the seminar was highly successful as it provided the opportunity to know and deliberated on the problem of triple talaq from its various victims. The need of the hour is that this heinous practice must be immediately prohibited to provide justice to millions of women.