Keen to engage with IPF? You are welcome!

Individuals and organisations can join hands with IPF in various ways.


IPF encourages individuals and organisations to associate with it, support it and help it to serve the society effectively and efficiently. They can actively participate in various IPF studies, research, events and advocacy initiatives.

If you are interested to participate in one or many of the on-going or proposed academic activities or advocacy/awareness programmes of IPF, please let us know.


Since India Policy Foundation (IPF) is a not-for-profit initiative, it relies on support from the society. Your support allows IPF to remain non-partisan and objective in its work to provide high-quality research for better ideas and solutions to the varied problems troubling our society.

You can support IPF activities by facilitating and sponsoring studies, research projects, events and advocacy initiatives. You can also offer new scholarships and fellowships for our researchers.

Interested individuals and organisations can contact us for further details.