The India Policy Foundation (IPF) is a non-profit public policy organisation based in New Delhi. IPF’s aim is to do rigorous study and research to help our society to objectively analyse the past, understand the present and anticipate the future.
With this aim, IPF works to generate ideas which could be useful in finding the best solutions to ever-increasing problems before our society and the humanity. IPF works with academicians, researchers, thinkers, domain experts, activists and policymakers for multi-dimensional inputs and wide-ranging studies. This vast diversity of our experts helps us to ensure best quality research and analysis of varied public policy issues.
IPF remains committed to safeguard the intellectual freedom of the academicians, researchers and other people associated with it. The views expressed in IPF publications and on its websites are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the India Policy Foundation, its Trustees, Director and other officials, or those who support IPF. Therefore, publication of any work by IPF is done purely on merit of social, national or international significance, and not necessarily to endorse conclusions or recommendations made in that publication. Since 2008, IPF has been engaged in public discourse on issues critical to India's national and global agenda, and providing policy analysis and recommendations through in-depth studies and research.