Internships and Exchange

India Policy Foundation (IPF) offers internship positions to graduate or post-graduate students, working professionals and social workers.
Applicants should note that: 
  • Short duration internships (up to two months) are open for both graduate and post graduate students but these are not paid internships and interns do not receive money for expenses.

  • Long duration internships (two to six months) are available only for post graduate students, and interns are appropriately rewarded.

  • Minimum duration of internship is one month, for six hours a day, five days a week (30 hours per week, 120 hours per month).

  • Students desirous of internship at IPF can submit their preferred topic for research, but the Academic Council of IPF reserves the right to assign the appropriate topic for research to each intern. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that interns will get research topic of their choice.

  • Interns can be assigned varied tasks ranging from data collection, data analysis, documentary research, field research, writing and editing reports.

Applications for Internships should include:
  1. Brief CV with academic details
  2. Preferred dates and duration for Internship.
  3. Objective behind Internship
  4. Relevance to your field of study or work.
  5. A report on study or research undertaken earlier
  6. Preferred topics for research
Foreign students on various exchange programmes to India can also apply for internship at India Policy Foundation, New Delhi.
Applications should be mailed to: [email protected]